Do Not Do These 3 Things If You Want to Sell a House Fast in Riverside, CA

Do Not Do These 3 Things If You Want to Sell a House Fast in Riverside, CA

If you’ve told your friends or family, “I need to sell my house fast in Riverside, CA,” you may have a list of things you should do to make a quick sale. While it’s great to follow the best practices, it’s equally vital that you learn from the mistakes of others.

Selling a home is a huge transaction. With so many decisions and complexities involved, making mistakes is common. This post lists the top things you shouldn’t do to save yourself from the significant headaches of a home sale.

#1: Don’t Underestimate the Costs of Selling

When you think of selling a home, it’s common to get excited about the profits you’ll make. But before you can rake in the profits, you must pay to complete the sale. Most homeowners are aware of the 5% to 6% agent commissions. However, they fail to budget for other costs, such as repairs, closing, and concessions to the buyer. On average, the estimated cost of selling a home is around 10% of the sale price.

The easiest way to avoid these costs is to sell to cash home buyers in Riverside, CA. At Stars and Stripes Real Estate, we help you sell your home as-is without paying extra fees. Get a free cash offer today to sell your home without any hassles.

#2: Don’t Showcase Your Day-to-Day Life

If you want to sell your home for maximum profits, you must ensure the buyer falls in love with your property as soon as they see it. You have to hook prospective buyers by getting them to envision the lifestyle they could have if they buy your home.

Most buyers look to upgrade their lifestyle or start afresh when they move homes. It pays to hire professional stagers to ramp up your home’s aesthetics. Professional stagers are experts in home decoration. They arrange your home to look like a picture in a lifestyle magazine.

Even if you decide to hire a professional staging company, here are a few things that you can do to reduce the day-to-day clutter:

  • Pick up toys lying around and remove all paperwork piled around the home. Paperwork includes magazines, newspapers, and other documents that add to the clutter of the place.
  • Ensure that all beds are made with fresh linen. You can even add some fresh flowers to add a dash of color and life.
  • Store kitchen utensils and small appliances inside your cabinets. Keep the kitchen counter free of extra food, utensils, or cutlery.

#3: Don’t Overprice Your Home

It’s natural to want maximum profits out of the sale. That said, overpricing your home is a huge red flag that can cause your property to languish on the market for months with no takers. And once buyers notice that your property has been on the market for several months, they assume something is wrong with it. Having your house on the market for a long time can force you to drop the asking price, heightening the suspicion that something is wrong. When you list your home, ensure you get the pricing right to generate interest and maximize your profits.

If you want to sell your house fast in Riverside, CA, don’t let it sit on the market longer than necessary. Avoid these three common mistakes to make a quick sale for top dollar!

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