Sell my House Fast Cash Perris, California

Sell your House Fast Cash Perris, Ca
John Monday:
What’s up, guys? I’m John Monday out here with Stars and Stripes Real Estate. We’re in Paris, California. We’re at one of the properties that we bought about a year ago. So a lot of people wonder what we do and kind of how we buy houses, so I was going to kind of break it down.

We bought this house from a guy that owned it for a long time. He had renters in here, and then eventually, he just didn’t want to deal with them anymore and it was kind of becoming too much of a headache. So we bought the house, all cash, no fees. We closed in about eight days and it was no hassle. There was no agents involved and there was nothing… From start to finish, we helped the seller out. And it was really just overall a great thing for him. So if that sounds like something that you might be interested, give us a call or check out our website. Thank you.
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