4 Things You May Not Know About Selling Your House With a Homeland Real Estate Agent

When most people consider selling their homes, the first thing that comes to mind is typically calling a real estate agent. Next, thoughts usually turn to how much the listing process with an agent costs, and then they consider all of the work that lies ahead on the road to selling. So read on as we explore four things you may not know about selling your home with a Homeland real estate agent.


You may not know that the commissions can be expensive when you are selling your house with a Homeland real estate agent. With an average home price of $375,000, six percent in commissions comes to a total of $22,500. When you add this to the other expenses involved with listing, including the prep work, marketing, and professional photography, along with potential broker fees, it can take a big chunk of your profits from the sale. On the other hand, you can avoid paying commissions with a direct sale to a professional investor like those at Stars and Stripes Real Estate. There are no hidden fees to worry about coming off the top at closing; at Stars and Stripes Real Estate, our offer, which you will agree is fair, is the amount you will receive at closing in cash.


Many Riverside County real estate agents receive complaints from home sellers regarding the amount of time it is taking to sell their homes. If you are among the group that has been waiting for over a month or longer, you may be wondering how long you can expect your home to sit on the market before selling.

What if I want to sell my house myself? If this is your choice, making sure there are no lien holders on your property and finding out what other fees are associated with self-selling are both things that must be done first. You will also need to ask yourself questions about what agents can offer that you cannot provide yourself before putting your California real estate up for sale.

If you’re planning on a Riverside County real estate agent selling your home, it is advisable to speak with them before you list. Real estate agents are able to provide you with an estimate of how long the selling process will take depending on the type of listing agreement you sign with them.

Not the Only Solution

Something else you may not know about selling your house with a Homeland real estate agent is that other options can help you sell your home. For example, maybe the thought of vacating the premises repeatedly for showings during your dinner is not for you. Or, perhaps you have a mountain of repairs that need completion before listing, and you would rather not endure living in a construction zone or paying to repair and update a home you are leaving behind. Another solution to sell your home is through a direct sale for your house as-is. When you work with a direct buyer like those at Stars and Stripes Real Estate, you will receive all of the details on how much you could sell for on the traditional MLS with an agent vs. how we reached the offer for your home as-is which you will agree is fair. 

Stars and Stripes Real Estate

Why not benefit from working with a direct buyer to sell your home and avoid the costs, time, and hassles involved in selling your house with a Homeland real estate agent. Find out today all of the ways you can benefit by selling your home directly with a no-obligation consultation with a direct buyer from Stars and Stripes Real Estate. At Stars and Stripes Real Estate, we go the extra mile so that you can make an educated decision about which method of home sales works best for you; we live and work here in Homeland and want you to feel good about the deal long after closing. At Stars and Stripes Real Estate, we work hard to make the process of selling directly easy and convenient while saving you time and money. Contact Stars and Stripes Real Estate today at (844) 932-8943 to learn more.

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