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Welcome to Stars and Stripes Real Estate’s Solutions page. We are here to provide solutions for homeowners facing various challenging situations in California. No matter the circumstances, we offer a fast, fair, and hassle-free way to sell your house.

Health Problems

  • If health issues are making it difficult to maintain your property, we can help you sell quickly and with compassion.


  • Going through a divorce often involves selling the marital home. We can help you navigate this process with ease.

Storm Damage

  • When your home is damaged by storms, our team is ready to buy it in its current condition.

Financial Issues

  • If you’re facing financial difficulties and need to sell your home, we can provide a solution that doesn’t involve agent commissions or lengthy waiting times.


  • Don’t let bankruptcy lead to foreclosure. We can assist you in selling your home to avoid financial crisis.

New Houses

  • Upgrading to a new house? We can help you sell your current one without delays.

Title Issues

  • If you’re dealing with title issues, we have experience in resolving them and can still make you a fair offer.

Major Repairs Needed

  • Homes in need of significant repairs are not a problem. We buy houses as-is.

Full of Stuff or Trash

  • We understand the challenges of dealing with clutter. Sell your property without the need for extensive cleanup.

Family Matters

  • Whether it’s inheritance or family-related matters, we can simplify the process of selling your property.


  • When it’s time for an upgrade, let us help you sell your current home without delays.

Problem Tenants

  • Dealing with problematic tenants can be challenging. We can help you sell your property, even with difficult tenants in place.

Late on Mortgage Payment

  • If you’re struggling with late mortgage payments and facing the risk of foreclosure, our quick sale option can provide relief.


  • Facing foreclosure is a stressful situation. Our team can assist you in selling your house before it reaches that point, allowing you to move forward without the burden of a foreclosure on your record.

Fire Damage

  • Homes damaged by fire require extensive repairs. We’re experienced in handling such properties and can make a fair cash offer.

Hoarder’s Home

  • If your property is filled with excess belongings or in a hoarder’s condition, we can help you sell without the need for cleanup.

Inherited Properties

  • Inheriting a property can come with challenges. We can simplify the process and assist you in selling the inherited home quickly.

Old, Outdated Houses

  • Older homes may not be appealing to traditional buyers. We buy old and outdated houses as-is.

Out of Area Property

  • Managing a property from a distance can be complicated. We provide a solution to sell your out-of-area property hassle-free.

Low Equity

  • If your home has low equity, we can still make a fair cash offer, allowing you to move on from your property, but this may require some creativity!


  • When it’s time to downsize, we offer a convenient way to sell your current home quickly.

Unfinished Construction

  • Homes under construction can be sold to us in their current state, avoiding the need for completion.

Large Liens

  • If your property has significant liens, we can assist in selling it and addressing the financial concerns.


  • Relocating can be stressful. We provide a smooth process to sell your home before your move.

Termite Damage

  • Termite damage can be costly to repair. We can purchase properties with termite damage as-is.

Code Violations

  • Properties with code violations can be sold without addressing the violations yourself.
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