Sell My House Fast Ontario, California- Veteran/Family Owned

Sell My House Fast Ontario, California- Veteran/Family Owned

Sell My House Fast Ontario, California- Veteran/Family Owned

John Monday- (Owner Stars and Stripes Real Estate) What’s up guys, John Monday with Stars and Stripes Real Estate we’re out here in Ontario California at a property we just bought. Basically two things why the sellers chose us number one was it it was an inherited property, so there was a lot of work to be done and the family just didn’t have the time or the resources take care of it. The second thing that we were able to help them out with was basically they had a lot of stuff that was left over in the house, the garage, the shed and the backyard and everything like that and they didn’t have the money or the time to take that stuff out. So we just made that part of our process when we bought their house they could leave everything they want and we made it super easy for them so that way the stress of the house was taken off their shoulders and they could just focus on the business side. So if that sounds like something you guys you know your family your situation you’re in or just you want to hear more about our process go and give us a call 1-844 WE BUY IE, Stars and Stripes Real Estate, have a good day.

At Stars and Stripes Real Estate we make the sale of your home simple and hassle free. This Video explains why the previous homeowners in Ontario California sold their home for cash and we bought it in 7 days! The owners inherited this home and wanted to sell if quickly to avoid costly repairs and dealing with inspections, agents and fees. The Previous Owners were also able to leave any belongings they didnt want, making the process seamless.

Sell My House Fast Ontario, California

Sell your home and leave your Belongings

At Stars and Stripes Real Estate we strive to provide the highest level of customer service. What that means for sellers is they are in control of the process and get whatever benefits they need to sell their home quickly, without lenders, inspections, fees and long escrow periods. On top of that we are able to tailor our process to fit your timeframe and your needs. When we bought our most recent house in Ontario, California the sellers had a lot of personal items that were left over and they didn’t want to pay to get rid of them. So, to make it easy we just made that part of our process. They left behind all of the belonging they didn’t want and they never had to think about it again!

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